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How to Plan Your Home Renovations in Melbourne

If you’ve never renovated before, the idea of planning and executing a facelift for your property may seem unbelievably daunting. Fortunately, the team at Melbourne Renovations are the experts in home renovations in Melbourne, and we’re here to guide you through the exciting process of freshening up your home. We’ve developed this handy guide to help you begin planning your Melbourne home renovation today!

Figure Out What You Want From Your Renovation

The first step to any renovation is figuring out the ‘why’ and the ‘what’; why are you renovating, and what will you be renovating? To help you understand your motives a little better, we’ve developed a few questions that should assist you in clarifying your goals.

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years? The answer to this question will have a dramatic impact on your design and style choices. You need to figure out whether your family will grow or leave the nest, whether you plan on selling, or whether you plan to be in very much the same place five years from now.
  • What is the thing you like the least about your current home? Perhaps the kitchen is cramped, or the bathroom is dated, or you wish there were more space. Whatever you don’t like about your property, let us know. It’ll give us an excellent place to start your renovations.
  • What do you like the most about your current home? If you adore the hardwood floors or how much natural light you get, make sure not to make style choices that take these elements away. The purpose of a home renovation in Melbourne is to create something you love, so we want to keep the details of your home you already enjoy. Understanding what you like about your home may also give us insight into your style and design choices.

Create a Design Style Guide That Adds Value To Your Home

This is the fun part of a home renovation in Melbourne. This is where the mood boards, style guides, and comprehensive Pinterest boards come out. At Melbourne Renovations, we encourage our clients to go through each room in their Melbourne house renovation and figure out exactly what they want. Break down elements such as;

  • Cabinets: What kind of cabinets do you want? How much storage do you want in each room?
  • Countertops: Whether you’re planning a kitchen or bathroom renovation, you’ll need to select materials and colours for your countertops.
  • Walls: Are you tiling, wallpapering, or painting the walls? How much wall space is there to cover?
  • Flooring: You’ll need to choose between tiles, carpet, hardwood, laminate, or concrete flooring. Try to choose something that matches the style of the house nicely.

Put Together a Budget

You’ll need to do some in-depth research to develop a comprehensive budget. Start by looking at how much money you already have to put toward your renovation plans. This will help you narrow down what you can and can’t achieve in the immediate future. Once you have an idea of what you already have, factor the following costs into your budget;

  • Material costs. Grab that style guide you developed and work through how much each item is going to cost, right down to the faucets.
  • Labour. You’ll need to pay for contract workers and builders for most of your renovation. Make sure to give Melbourne Renovations a call if you’re looking for affordable, high-quality artistry in your Melbourne home renovations.
  • Accommodation. If your bathroom is out of action for a while, you may need to stay in a motel. Make sure you ask your trusty builders how long you’ll need to find alternative accommodation.
  • Emergency fund. If you don’t plan for the worst, the worst is going to happen. Make sure you have some spare cash stowed away for emergencies.

Find a Home Renovations Builder in Melbourne

When it comes to finding a builder, you’re going to want to hire an expert in house renovations in Melbourne. Fortunately, the team at Melbourne Renovations are unparalleled in our skills and experience. Our builders have had long careers specialising in Melbourne house renovations, so you can be sure your project is in the very best of hands. We’re a local business looking to provide home renovations in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs that are personalised, flexible, and affordable. 

Consider Any Paperwork Necessary

Certain large-scale home makeovers in Melbourne require permits and approvals from local authorities. The team at Melbourne Renovations can advise you on which permits you’ll need once we’ve seen your plans. Here are a few permits people always forget to file; 

  • Planning permits/development approvals. If you’re planning extensions and extensive renovations, you’ll need a planning permit ASAP.
  • Building permits. This document confirms that your property and proposed renovations are compliant with the building regulations.
  • Retrospective building permits. If your property has illegal structures built, you’ll need to obtain a retrospective building permit before you can carry out your house renovation in Melbourne. This permit simply means someone has inspected the illegal building and deemed it a safe structure.

If you’re Planning Home Renovations in Melbourne, Contact Melbourne Renovations

The team at Melbourne Renovations have unparalleled experience in assisting Aussies in bringing their renovation dreams to life. We specialise in creating personalised, flexible renovation plans to fit every budget, and we strive to deliver a premium service every single time. Melbourne Renovations is an Australian owned and operated business, and the owner is on-site at your renovation all the time. You can rest easy knowing house makeovers in Melbourne are in the best, most qualified of hands. If you’re interested in learning more about our services or you’d like to begin your home renovation in Melbourne, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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