Laundry Renovations

How to Make You Laundry Renovations Work for You

When people consider house renovations, one room that is always neglected or left until last is the laundry. Unless you plan on spending a lot of your spare time at the laundromat, your home needs room for a laundry. However, does your laundry space need a whole room? At Melbourne Renovations, we’re all about maximising space and helping you create the house of your dreams. When it comes to laundry renovations in Melbourne, there are few people more experienced and knowledgeable than the team at Melbourne Renovations. Here are a few ideas you can keep in mind when planning your next laundry renovation in Melbourne.

How Much Space Do You Need For Your Laundry?

The truth is, you don’t need a tremendous amount of space for your laundry unless you want one. Unless you spend a lot of time in your laundry, you probably don’t want it taking up too much space in your home. Here are a few tips you can use to find the ideal location for your laundry.

  • Keep it away from living rooms and bedrooms. Unless you want to be interrupted by the sounds of your washing machine, you’ll want to keep your laundry away from places you go to rest. Popular sites for the laundry are next to the garage, near the kitchen, or in the bathroom.
  • How big are your appliances, and how many do you have? The size of your washing machine and whether or not you have a dryer will dictate how much space you need to leave in your laundry renovation.
  • How much space do you personally need? Are you the kind of person who needs bench space for folding, a sink for soaking, and plenty of shelf space for detergents? Or perhaps you’re the type to chuck your clothes in the wash, into the dryer, and then onto the bed to deal with later. How you use your laundry will help you plan your laundry renovations accordingly.
  • Think about where you’ll be drying your clothes. Do you have a washing line in the back yard? Or perhaps you hang your clothes on an airer out on the balcony. Or maybe you need somewhere in your laundry to hang wet stuff out? It’s essential to consider these things before cutting down on laundry space.

5 Ways to Renovate Your Laundry That Will Give You More Space

One of the best ways to maximise space for your laundry renovation in Melbourne is to integrate your laundry thoughtfully into other rooms of the house. Many European households have been seamlessly combining their laundries into other rooms in the house for years. Here are a few practical, innovative examples.

  • The kitchen. It’s not everyone’s first thought when considering laundry renovations in Melbourne, but the kitchen can be an incredibly convenient place to put the laundry. The kitchen already has excellent plumbing and ventilation, and usually has the brightest lighting in the house, which is ideal for spotting stains and cleaning.
  • The bathroom. Much like the kitchen, the bathroom has excellent ventilation and is well equipped to become a combined laundry space.
  • A craft room. If you have a love of art, scrapbooking, or designing, you can dedicate your existing laundry space into a craft room, renovating the area to create more space for your hobbies. Your crafts table can double as a folding laundry space, and you’ll be able to create plenty of storage while you’re at it.
  • The hallway. In most hallways, there’s a large linen cupboard just waiting to transform into a compact, convenient laundry room. By stacking your washing machine and drier and creating a small benchtop with a sink, you can make a cute but hidden laundry area.
  • In the garage. A laundry in the garage doesn’t have to be ugly and impractical! The team at Melbourne Renovations are here to make your laundry renovation in Melbourne stylish, functional, and simple. We can help you design a space that adds character and beauty to your garage.

Final Touches That Will Leave Your Laundry Renovation Looking Incredible

Before you launch right into your laundry renovation in Melbourne, consider adding the following final touches to breathe life into your renovation.

  • Think about adding some colour. No one likes the chore of washing and folding clothes, so why not make the laundry somewhere you want to be. While you can create a cohesive laundry design by matching it to your kitchen and bathroom, consider adding a bit of colour with your splashback tiles or by hanging some vibrant artwork.
  • Create a hanging space above the sink. Installing a bar over the sink of your laundry will allow you to hang items to drip dry. It’s also great for hanging recently ironed items, so they don’t get creased again.
  • Storage, storage, storage. Laundries have a way of becoming magnets for clutter. By creating plenty of cupboard and hanging space, everything will have a place out of sight in your laundry. If you don’t have storage space for your ironing board, consider looking at boards you fold away into the wall.

If you’re Planning Laundry Renovations in Melbourne, Contact Melbourne Renovations

The team at Melbourne Renovations have unparalleled experience in assisting Aussies in bringing their renovation dreams to life. We specialise in creating personalised, flexible renovation plans to fit every budget, and we strive to deliver a premium service every single time. Melbourne Renovations is an Australian owned and operated business, and the owner is on-site at your renovation all the time. You can rest easy knowing that your laundry renovations in Melbourne are in the best, most qualified of hands. If you’re interested in learning more about our services or you’d like to begin your laundry renovation in Melbourne, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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