Thinking Of Building a Pergola in Melbourne? Here’s Why You Should Definitely Do It

If you’ve been umming and ahhing over whether or not to build a pergola, the team at Melbourne Renovations are here with your sign from the universe; do it. If you’re worried about how to make your dream pergola in Melbourne, don’t stress. We’re professional pergola builders in Melbourne, and our specialty is delivering you a premium quality structure with zero hassle. So, let us walk you through a few reasons why you’re going to love having a pergola on your property.

The Benefits of Building a Pergola in Melbourne

At Melbourne Renovations, we can think of countless benefits to pergolas in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs, but we’ve narrowed it down to a handful. 
  • Sun safety. The last thing Australians need is more exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. At Melbourne Renovations, we believe sun safety should be an integral factor in all outdoor builds, so we love pergolas. We can look at how the sun hits your outdoor area to make sure your pergola is as effective as possible.
  • Enjoy the outdoors anytime. Just as they will protect you from the sunlight, pergolas in Melbourne will also offer protection from the erratic weather for which the city is renowned. If you’d enjoy having a coffee outside, listening to the sounds of the pouring rain, a pergola is just the thing for you.
  • Add value to your home. Let’s face it; we all know that an undercover outdoor entertainment area is going to add value to your home. Whether you plan to enjoy for yourself, rent your property out, or sell it, a pergola is a wise investment. 
They’re beautiful. If you love landscaping and making your outdoor area look incredible, a pergola is ideal for you. You can decorate with stunning outdoor furniture, a range of plants, and you can even drape flowers and vines around your pergola to add some whimsy.

How to Choose the Right Pergola for Your Home

There are a few different types of pergolas, each with its own benefits and advantages. Make sure to consider each carefully before selecting the perfect pergola for your home.

  • Sail pergolas. You’ve likely seen these pergolas in shopping centre car parks, and their primary function is to provide sun protection. Their gorgeous, sail-like appearance adds a beachy element to any home and allows the breeze to flow through unobstructed while providing a shady place to sit outdoors.
  • Gabled pergolas. If your home is in a particularly rainy area, the triangular-shaped gabled pergola will allow water to flow off the roof easily. You’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor space in rain or shine.
  • Open-top pergolas. If you’re not too concerned about shade or just want your pergola for aesthetic purposes, the open-top may be the perfect option for you. These lovely structures are often the type to have vine plants woven through their bannisters.
  • Solar-powered pergolas. Your pergola can serve more purpose than just providing shade! By installing solar panels to the roof, you can use it to provide additional solar energy to your home.

Why You Should Trust a Professional Builder Rather Than Build A DIY Pergola

The team at Melbourne Renovations have been working within Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs for years, and in that time, we’ve seen so many DIY projects go drastically wrong. Hiring a professional pergola builder will save you time, money, and stress. 

  • We’ll make sure everything is legal. If you go to build a structure without the necessary permits, you could end up with a considerable fine and an order to tear it down. The team at Melbourne Renovations know exactly what paperwork you’ll need to ensure everything is above board.
  • We’ll use the right materials. As our team comprises experienced pergola builders, we know which materials to use and how to build a pergola your family will enjoy for many years to come.
  • The finished product will look incredible. Often, when people attempt DIY work on their own, it’s evident in the outcome. It has the potential to look wonky, unfinished, or low quality. If you hire professional pergola builders in Melbourne, you’re ensuring a high-quality finished product.
  • We’ll have it done quickly. If you’re building your own pergola, you may only be able to work on it on the weekends, so it might take you a little while longer. At Melbourne Renovations, our job is to get your pergola built in no time at all, so you can start enjoying your outdoor entertaining space far sooner. 

Contact Melbourne Renovations If You’re Considering Building a Pergola in Melbourne

The team at Melbourne Renovations have unparalleled experience in assisting Aussies in bringing their renovation dreams to life. We specialise in creating personalised, flexible renovation plans to fit every budget, and we strive to deliver a premium service every single time. Melbourne Renovations is an Australian owned and operated business, and the owner is on-site at your renovation all the time. You can rest easy knowing your project is with the best pergola builders in Melbourne. If you’re interested in learning more about our services or you’d like to begin planning your pergola, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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