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Hire Decking Builders in Melbourne: Common Mistakes People Make Building DIY Decks

When it comes to outdoor construction work, many people will try to take the project into their own hands. While the team at Melbourne Renovations commend smaller-scale DIY projects, we strongly recommend leaving large projects to professional decking builders in Melbourne. When people build their own decks, they tend to make a lot of simple, avoidable mistakes that end up endangering the entire project. The team at Melbourne Renovations have come up with a handful of the most common errors we regularly see when people don’t enlist the help of timber deck builders in Melbourne. 

The Top 7 Decking Mistakes to Avoid

In all our years as deck builders in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs, we’ve accrued a collection of the most common decking mistakes. 
  • Rotting foundations. Your deck is only going to be as good as the foundation you use, so it’s essential to get it right the first time. A common practice we’ve seen people undertake when decking in Melbourne is setting timber posts straight into the concrete. Concrete is very porous, and water will seep in to create a damp environment for your posts. Over time, they will rot away, becoming dangerously unstable.
  • Using the wrong materials. We understand that you may not want to splurge on the finest, most exotic hardwood in the world, but you really shouldn’t cut corners too much when it comes to selecting materials. Make sure you choose the best material for the weather conditions in your area so you’ll get some longevity out of your outdoor decking in Melbourne.
  • Using non-galvanised fixings. Without a zinc coating, the chemical reaction between steel, timber, and damp is highly corrosive, meaning your deck will only last a few years at the most. Spend the little bit extra and purchase galvanised steel.
  • Cracking or breaking timber. If your wood is cracking, it could be one of two things; either you’ve used the wrong material, or you’ve cut the timer incorrectly. Hiring timber builders in Melbourne will ensure your timer is cut correctly every time.
  • The deck is sinking. This is a common issue which is usually due to the foundations of the deck. If there is loose dirt around the footing posts or the footing holes are too small, your deck will gradually sink over time.
  • Incorrectly treated. The thing about timber decking in Melbourne is that you can’t just build it and leave it forever. You’ll need to treat the timber every 12-18 months. The products you’ll need will all depend on the type of wood you choose, but all decks require regular care and maintenance.
  • Illegal decks. Your land is your property, so you can build whatever you’d like on it, right? Wrong. You need to obtain the necessary permits and approvals from your local council before commencing a build. If the authorities discover you have an illegal structure, you may be fined and required to remove it immediately. As part of our decking services in Melbourne, we can advise and guide you on which permits you’ll need before we begin building the outdoor area of your dreams.

Essential Considerations to Make Before Building Outdoor Decking

One of the essential parts of building a long-lasting, gorgeous deck is creating a dynamic, comprehensive plan. Consider the following points when planning your outdoor decking in Melbourne.

  • Does the deck add value to your property? Make sure to consider where you’ll be placing your decking, taking into consideration things like the view, the size of the area, and how it looks from the street. Any adjustments you make to your property should add value in some way.
  • Do you plan on staying or selling? If you plan to live in your home for years to come, you might want to invest in premium materials so you can enjoy luxurious outdoor decking in Melbourne. However, if you’re selling your property, you may not want to spend that much money. You’ll want to spend just enough to build a high-quality deck, yet still make money back come sale time.
  • Is your property at risk of termites? If you live in a damp area, you may be at risk of a termite infestation. To minimise your risk, use steel posts in your foundation, keep your desk away from overhanging trees, and organise for annual or bi-annual termite inspections.
  • Are you capable of building a premium-quality deck by yourself? If you’ve only ever dabbled in DIY, you’re probably not experienced enough to build luxurious timber decking in Melbourne. Save yourself the time, the stress, the expense, and the panic by hiring professional decking builders in Melbourne.

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